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Why video is good for SEO

Are you using video to compliment your SEO?

This is a question many growing SEO consultants without insights have asked a thousand time. The first thing to bear in mind is that we are now in a world of high-bred technology, a world in which technology is advancing on a day to basis and user behaviors witnessing a rapid change that is backed by the revolution.

Nowadays, youtube has become a major search engine due to the fact that, people are now preferring to watch long videos than reading long texts. If you were to write a blog post of 2000 words about why video is good for SEO, the likely possibility is that; only 1/1000 will ever read to the end of the post.

The reason is that, when a majority of the people go online, they scan than read through the whole text. Once you have built your brand, new-comers in the industry will persevere to read through because you have been identified or known as a subject expert which is this case will be an SEO expert.

However, with video, it is very different. I have shared a video here which gives some insights on how to get your videos doing well within the SERPS. The question to answers remains and that is why is video good for SEO?

Google has been including video in search results which is evident enough that video is now a holistic part of search engine optimization. Before a video is featured in the organic search results, Google would have noticed watchers spending reasonable time to watch such videos which means; there is something of interest in the video in question.

Another reason is that; videos create inbound likes which is a plus one as Youtube is a DA 90 authority. You definitely need a quality domain or page authority that links back to your website if you want to dominate the first page. However, it is not just about videos only. The presenter and manner of presentation is one of the factors that will engage your prospects. Note that Google takes the amount of time spent watching your videos to determine your position. Therefore, you need someone who is

Note that Google takes the amount of time spent watching your videos to determine your position. Therefore, you need someone who is a natural presenter, someone with a voice and body language. Finally, your videos should never be created purposely because you want to rank well in the SERPS. A video that is good for SEO is one that provides valuable information to your prospects. If they liked it, they will start to share it. Period.

When a video appears in the natural search results, Google uses thumbnails. These thumbnails are eye catchy and because humans have been proven to be engaging visuals, searcher always click on those thumbnails and out of curiosity to learn more about the video in respect and also because many now prefer to watch videos than read hundreds or thousands of words. Majority of the searches now occur on mobile. Do you think someone will walk the streets reading from a small hand-held device when they could watch a video?

Majority of the searches now occur on mobile. Do you think someone will walk the streets reading from a small hand-held device when they could watch a video?

However, a video that is not optimized for search won’t produce the expected results. A well-produced video is never boring as straining your eyes to read through a long page. Such reading is only good for students. Google’s technology has grown to another level the giant with tools to be able to understand the voice on the video. This helps Google to take away chaffs into the bin and leave room for valuable video content.

Watch the video I have shared to learn more about the good qualities of engaging videos. Make sure to take a look at Brian Dean’s body language.

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A picture of why you need technical seo

5 Reasons why you need technical SEO

Compelling reasons why you need technical SEO on your website

In 2006 when I started in SEO, the primary focus was on onpage and link building. Back then, SEO was not as complexed, complicated as you see at the moment. As time went by, I began hearing about technical SEO and eventually I promised myself to learn the technical part and I am glad I was damn right. Really pleased I did.

However, technical SEO has become a must-have and there are no two ways out. The good news is that; you can now find many tools around that help with tackling most of the tasks related to technical SEO but you will still definitely need to your eyes in some aspects without a doubt. There are free and paid tools alike.

Technical SEO, content, linkage and marketing strategy

As far as I am concerned, these are the most important parts and components of SEO. I am diving-in this far because with technical SEO on its own you won’t go anywhere and it’ll be a waste of your time and resources. As SEO expert or consultant with all the above skills is a force to reckon with. That is the caliber of person you want to work with. I am writing this post out of experience and as someone with more than 10 years industry experience.

I will personally start from carrying out a succinct audit. Once I have identified the issues, the next step will be to make a plan of action before I move on to something else. This is just my personal approach as an individual. There is no formal methodology to a technical SEO approach. However, you need bags of wit, tact and a great understanding of Google guidelines.

Content and marketing are completely a different ball game. These two can be split into completely two different sections, employing different individuals. As an experienced SEO expert, you definitely need both skills because even though you might not be required to implement but it is important that you are in a position to provide the best advice possible in either of the sections. Therefore you do not really have to be technical to provide mind-blowing SEO results. This is a fact. All you need to know is what is expect from a good website to deliver on their SEO goals and objectives

Site structure and wireframes

Having a website that users might have to spend time searching for where is what is what is going to kill it. Having a site with a good structure is very important for user experience. If you make users to strain before finding what they want, your bounce rate will be as high as anything. I once have a chat with an SEO Manager from the UK regarding his approach to site structure and wireframing and his thoughts were that; this particular issue could be addressed with the help of sitemap on the site. I grind. How many website users understands or knows what a sitemap is? The truth is that we all have different opinions when it comes to approaching SEO.

A good site architecture takes into consideration how link equity is distributed all throughout the website, making it easy for site users to move from one section to the other. Internal linking is never all about rankings but also about keep users on your website by introducing them to various sections and pages. Some people might think that this neither technical but I promise it is. I have seen sites with internal links and if you do not move your mouse over the page, you won’t find or notice any links. I suppose it was this way because the site owner had no technical or coding experience needed to get it right.

Redirects – 302 and 301

This is pretty much easy on WordPress when using plugins designed for that purpose but on other platforms, one will have to implement them manually. Businesses are changing websites from time to time and technology keeps evolving. Nowadays, having a responsive website has become very important.

When overhauling or revamping websites, shit can happen and it does. This is where 302s and 301s skill come in handy. It could also be that a website has got similar content which needs redirecting another one to the preferred version permanently using 301. 302s are useful for temporal redirects. Without technical know, playing around with this subject on a live website is a risk not worth anyone efforts.

Having your website indexed and crawled by search engine bots

This is another topic with a lot of complexity if you have to work with robots.txt. Make the least mistake and no one will ever visit the website because it won’t be indexed. SEOs without the technical knowledge still are unable to find their way around this topic. With robots.txt, you tell the search engines what you want them to index and what to leave out. Having your website indexed is very important this is usually achieved through submitting a site using Google Search console.

There are various site maps and you will need to decide what you want indexing. Best practice is to submit an XML or HTML sitemap;

  1. Images sitemap
  2. Pages sitemap
  3. Posts sitemap
  4. Video sitemaps.

Sitemaps tell the search engines what your site is about. However, using tools like Copyscape to determine if there are any duplicate content is of paramount importance.

Accelerated mobile pages

Without the technical know-how, you cannot implement AMP on an HTML website and some other content management systems.  Accelerate mobile pages is gradually becoming an important aspect of SEO. However, it is still under continuous development and currently works with posts. It makes your page to load faster than normal by streaming some sections of the code as required. Amp comes after the surge in mobile consumption around the world which is why it targeting mobile. Because it increases the loading speed on mobile, there is no reason why I cannot class it under technical SEO. It’s an open source development sponsored by Google, Bing and Yandex. With Open source developments, there are no limitations to how you use and or expand the functionality. technical? Great.

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A depiction of how backlink and search engines work

Backlinks – search engine rankings

Backlinks search engine rankings approach.

Backlinks and search engine rankings are the equivalence of baby and mother. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to search engine optimization. Without backlinks, your chances of ranking in the SERPS are close to zero. Backlinks are the icing on the cake.

Even though we are talking backlinks, it’s not all types of backlinks that work. Here, the story is about quality backlinks from sites with authority. But how do you get these quality links? It is not an easy task as everyone needs backlinks and sites with authority are aware which means the cost of acquisition is neither cheap.

So, how do you acquire these backlinks? This is the million pound question everyone is asking. There are a couple of ways to gain backlinks but creativity and innovation are what you need you need if you are going to succeed. Trying to get quality backlinks is the same as fishing for fish in the sea. I will be sharing some strategies along as we proceed.

How many backlinks do you need to do well in organic rankings

Again it is about quality and not quantity. It’s worth having 50 links point back to your website with a DA of 60 than having 1000 with a DA of 10. Over the years, I have come to meet all sort people in the industry and heard all sort of things about link building. I have seen clients who bragged about having gained hundreds of links through link exchange programs. However, what I got from them was that they dug their graves.

Emphasis has been placed on backlinks that many online marketers are perplexed on the right path, methodology and or strategy to develop and implement. When backlinks become the primary objective of your campaign, then, you have shifted from the right approach which is suppose to be quality content written for your target audiences to consummate to the wrong direction. This is how must business finally end up gathering garbage.

Link building processes that yields

I am not going to hide it anything from you but I am going to share some best practices when it comes to building quality links. So, let look at some of the methods that will set you apart from the masses.Earn your link- Earning a link is not as easy as it sounds but you can make it. To earn a link is about creating quality content that resonates with your target audiences.

Earn your link

Earning a link is not as easy as it sounds but you can make it. To earn a link is about creating quality content that resonates with your target audiences. It takes time and to be noticed. So, do not expect it to happen with a click of a finger. Google takes into account various factors and with more than 200 signals used to pick out the best from the sea of rubbish, one of those is user experience which is determined by the amount of time people spend on your posts. The amount of time your website takes is also another factor as well as navigation, click-through rate (CTR), keyword density and much more. If your content is garbage, no one will stay on your website but the content offers what your target users are looking; they will start to talk it with their friends and even sharing your content before even know it.

Launch a contest, competition or scholarship

This is a very powerful strategy if executed like a pro. You want to launch a contest, competition or scholarship program targeting students studying marketing or business. Approach various universities and ask them to publish it on their website. The theme could be something like; write an article of 1000words or less but not less than 600 words about “how businesses without an online presence could benefit from the boom and surge in social media consumption and the advancement in digital technology. However, earning a link from .gov and .ac.uk is one of the most difficult sources for link building.

Spying on your competitors link building activities

The reasoning here is to know where they got links from. If they can then you can equally. This method could be achieved with tools like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Spyfu, SEMrush and many others. Once you have identified your top 5-10 competitors, use tools like Ahrefs to monitor on competitors backlink building campaigns. You can also monitor the activities of your competitors, competitors. It has to be a continues and daily activities because you want to go the same place they have been while the flame is still on. What you need is your competitors strongest links sources and forget about their rotten beans.

Use link building tools and search for broken links on authority websites

This is another powerful way to quality backlinks. How does it work? Many authority websites have broken links that many webmasters have linked to but because they have that many pages, sometimes they cannot even know any links are broken. Once you find the opportunity, go to archive.org and call back the link to view exactly what was on that, then, you spend a few hours, researching and writing content that will surpass it in terms of quality. Approach the website owner, inform them of the broken and the new content you have that could replace the broken one. Boom. You are done. I like this very method.

Plan and write a guest post

Some people think that guest posting is outlawed. This is not true. What is outlawed is guest-posting to influence your search engine’s rankings. Guest-posting quality content of thought leadership industry benchmarks is one of the best ways to succeed because you are sharing something of very high quality for free. There are many websites on the Internet that accept guest posting. Some of these websites might be at their starting point. It is therefore very imperative to find out who the major publishers are for the website, review available content on the website and assess the level of engagement. If they accept your post, you will eventually gain the benefits within a few months. Not all start-ups are rubbish.

Infographics distribution

Infographics are the modern visuals for communication. Not every loves reading write-ups. Online consumption is happening on mobile nowadays than ever. Mobile consumers on mobile are inclined to quality and informative visuals. How easy is it to read on the move? It is very easy to browse images on the move than watch a video or read a text. This is where infographics come in. There are infographics directories cropping out around the world. Make use of them.

The list could continue but it becomes very boring with very long write ups. So if you loved it, comment and or share.




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reasons why your business needs an seo expert

Reasons why you need SEO experts

Reasons why you need a qualified SEO expert

SEO experts are like medical doctors. An SEO expert is someone with practical experiences of delivering on-page, off page, technical, content and analytics. If you looking for an SEO expert, then you have heard about SEO and believes that it works. There are plenty of reasons why you need an SEO expert and I am going to highlight a few of them below. Have you ever wondered why every business with an online presence is looking to employ the services of an SEO expert? Is it that SEO is too powerful or very cheap? Well, let’s get started.

SEO is an important part of your marketing strategy

SEO is the king of online marketing. Without targeted audience browsing your website then you have no business. SEO is about increasing your traffic and sales without paying a dime for such an acquisition. However, SEO works in tandem with link building, social media marketing, branding, content and other digital marketing strategies. These combinations and more will amplify, complement and strengthen other elements to provide your goals and KPIs.

How do you go about implementing SEO if you don’t know the pros and cons? SEO itself is a quagmire and a seven-foot deep grave. If you not careful, SEO can ruin your business, investments, family-life with a single small mistake. This is where SEO experts come in. They are able to solve your mistakes, point you in the right direction, rescue your business with bespoke strategies that are suitable only for your business needs.

SEO is a long term investment

SEO is a powerful investment that yields results over time. You may start to experience the results within 1-6months depending on the age of your website, quality of the content and much more. Analytics and Google search console are some of the tools that tie-in with SEO. A good SEO expert will possibly take a website without any form of rankings whatsoever to the first page and or even to the first three organic listings using white-hat methodologies. Is this not enough reason to employ one? Being on the first page can possibly provide a serious return on investments with the right expert. Find a consultant who understands the ins and outs of best practice SEO and you are in the game. You will be smiling.

SEO is risky, tricky but not too expensive

Picking and or choosing the right SEO company or expert is all you need. But how do you identify one? The first thing to do is to ask others who have used the services of an SEO expert when looking for one. This is neither the best approach because there is what we call black hat and gray hat SEO. These may deliver results over a certain amount of time before Google falls on the site like a ton of bricks upon discovery.

One of the best questions to ask an SEO expert is to know how many years experience they have and their educational background. Many universities are currently offering digital marketing degrees of which SEO is an integral part of the course. These two questions will open room for more insights and questions that will enable you to make the right decision. Someone with a degree in digital marketing is more likely to deliver the results using best practices and benchmarking industry standards. Avoid taking any risks.

An SEO expert will help your target audiences to find your website

Your website is a powerful point of contact for prospects and customers. Your website is your shop and when optimized accordingly, your products and services could potentially reach millions of people around the world. Working with an SEO expert with mastery of the subject comes with the opportunity to increase your sales, leads, prospects, investors and even new found friends.

Having a website that no one can see in search results is a total waste of finances, resources and time. This just another important reason why you need an SEO expert. An expert will get your business found, raise your brand awareness and equity. SEO therefore, be part of your marketing mix and to achieve this; you need a strategy-driven SEO expert.

SEO experts will help you to create your online empire

There is no room for errors and mistakes in SEO. The competition is very fierce with some businesses spending tens of thousands of pounds, month in, month out and with a good return on investment which is evident by the number scrambling for the best of the best SEO experts. In this field, every minute detail is taken into account.

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Reasons why you need to use Google search console

Importance of Google Search Console

Why is Google webmasters tools (Search console) very important?

Google search console formerly known as Webmasters tools if a free analysis and recommendation platform that helps you to monitor and maintain your website presence in google’s organic search results. However, you do need a Gmail account to use the tools. It gives you the opportunity to view your website in a way that Google does and Google often makes recommendations on various aspects of your website needing improvements. How much more do you want Google to care about your needs and efforts?

Google search console is therefore, one of the important SEO arsenals for any SEO expert or consultant. Below are the various reasons for SEO consultants, business owners, website administrators, Application and website developers to use Google search console. These important reasons include the following:

  1. Know which keywords that triggered your website to appear on organic search results
  2. submit new content as and when needed for crawling
  3. Learn or find out the keywords that brought in more traffic to your website
  4. Tell google the type of content on your website you do not them to crawl
  5. Monitor and discover malware issues and clean them
  6. Maintain and update your website with minimal effort with recommendations from Google
  7. Learn if Google is able to see your Schema.org
  8. Find out if google can the installed AMP on your website
  9. Find out if people are coming to your site via mobile
  10. See if there are any issues with your mobile site
  11. Discover the websites that link to your website
  12. Find out if Google is able to crawl all the content on your website

Do not worry about not having the knowledge to work with Google search console. Google has provided all types and forms of tutorials to get you started in no time. All you need is to become familiar with the basics and the rest will come. Alternatively, you might hire the services of a webmaster with expertise in using search console. With that being said, there are hundreds of video tutorials on Youtube to help you get started.



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