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While you are using our website, we may place cookies on your computer to make sure we can serve you better the next time you return to our website. We are required and or expect by the European law to keep you well informed about how we use cookies.

Every reliable and trust-worthy online businesses use cookies. These cookies are used for the following reasons;

  1. Finding out you use our website so that we can serve you better the next time
  2. Helps in remembering the information you input on our forms. This helps to save your time the next time you return
  3. Helps us to identify the ads you saw on our website if at we have ads
  4. Remembering the settings so you don’t to repeat the same process the next time you return to out site

How we use cookies

SEO Elites may use cookies through analytics, paid social media, PPC, Adwords to identify your needs geared at serving you better, However, we never collect any private identifiable data as that is practically impossible. We can only have access to your personal data once you engage us on a project.

To find out more about cookies, kindly go to Cookies are mainly to make our site work better for us and for you. Cookies never and cannot be used to identify your personal information whatsoever.

How to us from tracking your moves on our site through cookies

You have the right to stop any business from tracking your moves or journeys while on their website and we are no different. To do this, you can simply adjust the settings on your computer or laptop. It will certainly give you a bad user experience when you do so on many websites. If you are totally bent on stopping being tracked with cookies, go to this website for details on how to delete cookies or stop tracking

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