About a couple of weeks ago Google announced an important update relating to websites without HTTPS featuring on Chrome during search activities. It appears many website owners still cannot get the message correctly. The reality is that the update will definitely affect two disciplines, namely SEO rankings and user experience. Chrome users have been experiencing and feeling these changes especially about unencrypted pages. This is neither good for user experience, especially during their buying journey. Who wants to buy from a website that could be compromised at any time?

Google chrome https update worries

Failure to encrypt your URL will eventually result in loss of SEO rankings, traffic, income and clients. Google is constantly informing users about websites without a security certificate. However, this is only relevant to chrome users. Other browsers are not affected.

What Does This Mean For SEO And Website Owners?

It is a call for SEO’s to Scale up their knowledge and assist their clients in the process. SEO is going to put many so called “SEO Specialist” to the test of their life time.

Many hosts now offer free SSL certificate through “Let’s encrypt.” Ask your hosf for it and if they have not installed it, ask them why? This is all you need to make good to the damage on user experience already created.

Websites that are still moved or shaken to switch to https:// will suffer tremendously. Then comes Google’s mobile-first-approach, boy, I do not know what to say. Research has shown that Googles top traffic is from handheld devices and specifically mobile. Upgrade now and dance to the music or meet with Googles’ wrath on your search journey.

If your website is still not encrypted, have you discovered a surge in bounce rate and cart abandonment? Who would like to input his or her bank card details on a website that “Google” has identified and hammered as not save for business? It is for you to decide. I can only educate.

To those that are not well informed; Google has also stumped up a major release, creating a grave for many small businesses with little or no technological prowess. Will be covering this topc later on.

Stay tune