Why is Google webmasters tools (Search console) very important?

Google search console formerly known as Webmasters tools if a free analysis and recommendation platform that helps you to monitor and maintain your website presence in google’s organic search results. However, you do need a Gmail account to use the tools. It gives you the opportunity to view your website in a way that Google does and Google often makes recommendations on various aspects of your website needing improvements. How much more do you want Google to care about your needs and efforts?

Google search console is therefore, one of the important SEO arsenals for any SEO expert or consultant. Below are the various reasons for SEO consultants, business owners, website administrators, Application and website developers to use Google search console. These important reasons include the following:

  1. Know which keywords that triggered your website to appear on organic search results
  2. submit new content as and when needed for crawling
  3. Learn or find out the keywords that brought in more traffic to your website
  4. Tell google the type of content on your website you do not them to crawl
  5. Monitor and discover malware issues and clean them
  6. Maintain and update your website with minimal effort with recommendations from Google
  7. Learn if Google is able to see your Schema.org
  8. Find out if google can the installed AMP on your website
  9. Find out if people are coming to your site via mobile
  10. See if there are any issues with your mobile site
  11. Discover the websites that link to your website
  12. Find out if Google is able to crawl all the content on your website

Do not worry about not having the knowledge to work with Google search console. Google has provided all types and forms of tutorials to get you started in no time. All you need is to become familiar with the basics and the rest will come. Alternatively, you might hire the services of a webmaster with expertise in using search console. With that being said, there are hundreds of video tutorials on Youtube to help you get started.