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Custom Market Research Services

Discover Who They Are and How To Reach Them and What They Think

Why is market research important? Markets today are consistently becoming more and more competitive. The collection and analysis of information is imperative to both large and small organisations. Market Research fulfills the requirements of businesses for finding out about the users of their products and services, the potential users and how to achieve their loyalty.

Maybe your interest is solely on competitor analysis relating to your SEO performance. We are happy to help you understand what your competitors are doing, the areas within your business to push harder and how to beat your competitors in their own game.

There are many techniques used to obtain market information. They basically fall under two procedures depending upon whether you want numbers or opinions.

Quantitative Market Research is the collection of data from surveys asking respondents to complete a specific set of questions or rate services to a given scale of satisfaction. It is used when research objectives require the reach of large numbers of possible respondents.

Qualitative Market Research answers the ‘how’ and ‘why’. The interviewer discusses the product or service with a targeted group of respondents by telephone, face-to-face or chatline.

Market research services

Marketing researchers offering custom market research services to businesses of all types

Decide Where to Go From Here With Market Research

Market Research provides the information required to make the next-step decisions on the marketing of a given product or service. Skilled analysis of the data will allow it to be categorised to provide you with a detailed results of the targeted research.

This is best presented to you by experienced market researchers, complete with an executive summary for fast communication of the results to your company executives. A full presentation will provide you with the results in both detailed table form, and as a commentary to explain further insights that might not be immediately evident from the tabled results.

Getting the facts about your consumers

Want to quickly spot whether you’re on the right track? Need widespread opinion? Have to get quick but thoughtful information? Require very specific feedback? Whatever the case, there is a research methodology that best serves to meet your objectives.

For fast opinion on a new product, advertising campaign, testimonial, a well-designed telephone survey is your best choice. You get quick facts without extensive costs.

An online survey is your cost-effective choice for a quick response to the questions you have that need a little more time for consideration before making a meaningful response.

When your target respondents need time to formulate more deliberated answers to your questions, a mail survey will work well for you. It is also advisable when you want to reach a specific geographic area.

Interactive research achieved by initiating discussion with groups of consumers, or individually, gives you the widest possible amount of information on why and how they feel about your products/services.

We’re here to help with your market research when you’re ready

  • Do you know who your customers are?
  • Their demographics?
  • Their purchasing patterns?
  • Do you want to find out how your product measures up against competing products?
  • Find out about lapsed users?
  • Or people who never heard of you?
  • Find out how your competitors are using social media?
  • Find out how the competition is applying paid search, PPC or Adwords?

Let us know what the objectives are for your proposed market research, and we’ll develop an effective program to meet those objectives. You’ll receive a full report and/or presentation of our findings and you’ll be ready to go ahead and launch your new product, put in place a marketing strategy to become the market leader in your category or create the communications materials to target the valuable demographic that has been eluding you.

Drop us a message and let’s talk it over.