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Paid Search, PPC or Adwords is Essential to Your Online Presence.

Looking for Google Adwords Professionals, PPC management services? Search engine marketing (SEM), Paid search also known as Pay Per Click is an essential marketing mix to use and maximise your return on investments. Marketing to the millions online has developed over less than three short decades into an art – or a science and Google has been one of the pioneering companies with its Adwords, Analytics and Keyword Finder…

Digital marketing has revolutionized commercial and business communications to the extent that it is now an essential component of undergraduate marketing degrees and forms an entire field of study for graduate certificate and degree programs. Businesses and enterprises are scaling up their ROI and reducing expenditure as a result of embracing digital advancement, changes in user journeys and constant consumer behaviors

Search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and AdWords are essential tools for the successful marketing of products and services today.

Paid Search, PPC Management, SEM – your doorway to ROI and getting seen on the internet

Pay per click marketing is essential to increase your ROI, the visibility of your website, products and services. It incorporates SEO or search engine optimization, your search engine reputation management (SERM) and PPC advertising such as Google AdWords and Facebook’s P.P.C.

Paid search - PPC services professionals

SEO makes your website search engine friendly, i.e. gets it a first page position in the search engine’s organic results, possibly even ultimately moving up to first place. Onlike Google Adwords and Facebook Pay Per Click, you cannot buy good organic search result. You must work for it and earn it. At the same time, you may also invest in our affordable SEO packages as a long-term investment to support your Adwords initiative..

The first-page result when deploying Google Adwords is worth its weight in gold because a click through to your website means you’re getting a visitor who is interested – and you have to pay for his/her click! But now your website must live up to the visitor’s expectations (good and purposeful landing pages).

Good website design, it’s organisation and logical writing together with comprehensive navigation are the essentials to which the SEO basics – meta tags, sitemap and verifications – are added. This combination creates your path to a better search engine reputation in tandem with other external SEO factors and PPC or Google Adwords strategy.

SERM ensures that search engines have a clear understanding of your website. It used to be that you could trick search engines into giving you those coveted first page positions.

But no longer… Today, search engine algorithms will spot all those SEO tricks that so annoy visitors. Instead, they give precedence to high-quality websites that provide pertinent information and direct visitors to where they want to go.

Links both in and out of the site, social media like/shares, instances of keyword use in the copy and meta tag usage all contribute to search engine positioning. You need SERM for a successful SEM!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Search Engine Marketing

AdWords is Google’s paid advertising program although, to some extent, it is becoming a generic term for the adverts shown separately from search results by search engines such as Google, Yahoo.com and Bing. Such adverts also appear, when selected, on the engine’s network of participating websites.

PPC advertising costs nothing to display when users search for your selected keywords and your ad appears in the top or bottom of the page; however, PPC charges go into effect when the searcher clicks the advert. In some cases, advertising can also be purchased at a CPM (cost per thousand) rate.

Google Adwords accounts for the majority of PPC ad placements but it is becoming increasingly more expensive, as well as very competitive. Other programs are offering more attractive, often more targeted, programs but Google remains the master.

Investing in Adwords PPC advertising, over a short time, will help you to gain a prominent first page position in paid listings as long as your website’s other SEM attributes are in place. Google Adwords expertise is needed to reach the market for your product/service effectively and efficiently and we can help you:

  • To setup and manage your Google Adwords account
  • To identify effective keywords to bid on.
  • To develop high impact text and banner advertising messages
  • To know when search engine users are most likely to be searching for your website.
  • Maintain, update and optimise the account as needed

Getting your SEM/PPC right

You might think that Pay per click is basic common sense but – no, it’s not that easy. It takes experience to recognise what’s needed, constant monitoring and skillfully crafting or writing of engaging copy and other forms of visual communication content.

There’s a lot more involved in developing an effective SEM or PPC marketing campaign and we’d love to work with you. Do drop us a message at sales@seoelites.co.uk when you’re ready to talk it over.

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