We are 100% committed to protecting your information shared with us in accordance with privacy laws of the UK.

This page sets out how we handle and or deal with your personal information provided to us by yourself and or your business associates.

Information we collect about you and or your business

We collect your personal data, business information provided for the purpose of business or for gaining access to information we may provide and or share with the wider world through newsletter subscriptions and or during making a payment for a service(s) we may offer. All data collect as such will be handled in accordance the UK Data protection act of 1988.

SEO Elites may collect and process the following information from you;

  • If you contact us to request for information and business inquiry, may store your information for up to 12 months
  • If you fill a form on our website, we may store the information and use it for the purpose for which it was intended
  • If you are asked to complete a survey or if you complete a survey hosted on our website or somewhere else on the internet by us, such information will be stored and used for the purpose for which it was intended
  • If you work with us, we may also have access to your personal information and such information may be stored for up to 60 months unless advised otherwise.

How and where you store your personal information

Personal information collected is stored in a very secured data-based hosted by us on our personal servers that are encrypted. If anyone were to lay hands on such data, they would never be able to make sense of what it is. However, these servers are built to function like mercury when poured on any surface. The list brute force will automatically course the data we hold to move to another database. It is a cycle, which means the information will continue to be moved to hundreds of databases we hold for that purpose.

We may also collect your data through the use of cookies. However, this information is not stored in our databases and we cannot identify you as an individual. Google and or any other advertisement provider we use will be the one to store such information of which we will have access to but we are unable to identify you as a person.

Disclosure of your information

Your information is available to our IT teams and staff with such responsibilities as defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act of 2006.

We may also disclose your information to third parties especially when requested by the court of law or legal authorities. These may include the following;

  • The police accompanied by a warrant to do by the courts
  • In terrorism-related incidences when requested by the police without a court order
  • In the event when and where we may sell off our business. The new owner will access to your information if we did provide services to you or your business.

Your rights

You may ask us to refrain from collecting and or storing your personal information, especially for marketing purposes. We will always provide clear information allowing you to either opt-in or opt-out from your information being used for marketing purpose. You may also exercise these rights by contacting us directly at