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Cheap And Affordable SEO Packages UK To Rank Your Website Higher In Search Engines And Increase Your Sales From 100%-15000%

Affordable SEO Packages From UK SEO Specialists

Affordable SEO packages for small businesses. Are you looking for UK cheap SEO services and affordable SEO packages? Look no further! Our low cost SEO services prices start from £299 though you can have a one-off at £500.00.

We know how frustrating it is when you have good products or services but struggling to get on the first page of Google and other search engines for your chosen keywords without any success.

Our affordable search engine optimization packages for small businesses or conglomerate have been designed to help you rank well, spend less, gain more customers, reach your KPIs results and outrank your competitor’s website with either of our low-cost and affordable SEO packages for small businesses or large corporations.

Why You Should Part Your Money With Our Cheap SEO Packages From UK

Whether cheap SEO packages or not, SEO has become fiercely competitive and you need to work with a genuine and result driven SEO company. We pride ourselves on offering result-driven cheap and affordable SEO packages.

Whether you are looking to outrank your competitors, to increase your website’s traffic in the SERPS, increase the number of keywords you could rank for or you are in a highly competitive industry, one of our cheap SEO packages can meet your SEO demands. Reasons to work with us;

  • Increase quality traffic from 100% upwards
  • Increase your sales from 1700%
  • Reduce financial from 75% upwards
  • Build a sustainable brand with industry experts
  • Work with a reliable firm of digital marketing experts
  • Monitor our input on daily basis and ask questions
  • Guaranteed 1st or 2nd page placement within 3 months

All our SEO experts have 7-13 years industry experiences having worked for major corporations with sole responsibilities for SEO implementation and results.

You will be working with some of the best digital marketing pros with mastery of everything to do with SEO, backed by best practices, academia and benchmarks.

We aim and guarantee to produce top-notch SEO results and rankings for major search engines like Google, Yahoo,

Our affordable and cheap SEO packages are created by genuine digital marketing consultants and SEO experts to meet the needs of all online businesses. The higher the package, the more results you’ll get.

If you are confused on which affordable SEO package would be a perfect match for your online business, we are always here and happy to help. Even though our SEO packages are cheap and affordable, we don’t compromise the services we offer to our clients.

An image of our cheap seo packages

Low cost monthly SEO packages information.

With our low-cost SEO packages, we guarantee to produce top notch SEO results and rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This is what we are best at doing.

We have proven to our SEO clients all the time. We don’t make costly empty promises. A low cost SEO package does not imply that the service is compromised in one way or the other.

However, we are very open and straightforward about the results we deliver. If you are expecting results in just a couple of days, then we are not compatible. It takes between 1-6months for professional and SEO experts to deliver clean results.

The age of the website and the quality of existing content are some of the contributing factors to fast rankings. Established websites that are more than 2yrs old will see significant SEO results with 1-3 months. If you have any questions, Please, ask us.

Our Monthly VIP SEO Low Cost Package

This is the ideal monthly low cost package for anyone looking for a full account management. We take the hassle off your hands specifically when it comes to optimising and maintaining your website.

We are in the best position to identify issues with your website before your web designer ever does. Compare our affordable SEO packages to see what our VIP SEO package is meant to do for your online business

Low cost monthly SEO packages

Please, once you have made a payment for any of our cheap SEO packages, send an email to sales@seoelites.co.uk with your website URL, primary keyword, login details and a member of staff will get back to you within 1 hr with further details including how you will be able to monitor your SEO progress. Work will start within 24 hrs after funds have cleared.



Thorough site analysis

Full on page analysis

Full off page analysis

Link building

Advanced Link Building

Google search console management

Google search console advice

Link detox & disavow

Full technical audit

Technical SEO recommendations

Technical SEO implementation

Keyword Research

Account manager

Monthly link targets

Monthly content creation

Competitor analysis

UX analysis

Home page analysis

Internal pages analysis

Provide monthly keywords for new content

Social media setup

Content marketing advice

Monthly ranking report

Monthly Press release

competitor  citation analysis

Website maintenance

YouTube promotional video

Social listening & reputation management

Google Analytics setup

Infographic creation

High authority guest post

Money back guarantee

One Off SEO


One off payment

10-DA 10-20

Silver Package


Per month

1 every 6 months

Platinum Package


Per month


1 every 3 months

Diamond Package


Per month



1 every 2 month

Gold Package


Per month




1 each month

VIP Package


 Per month




2 each month

What is a Monthly SEO Package

A UK monthly SEO package is made up of a combination of SEO related techniques, tactics and strategies packaged-up by an SEO agency or freelancer and offered to businesses wanting to increase their website presence. This is a monthly fee-based SEO package subscription. As Google is the biggest player in the industry, the SEO agency will put together a strategy that considers changes in Google algorithms aimed at improving rankings by implementing best practices.

An affordable monthly SEO package from UK will consider things like; modifications on your website, keyword research, bespoke strategy development, link building, link detox, technical SEO analysis, on page optimisation, local SEO implementation, historical performance analysis, long tail keyword implementation, competitor analysis, content development strategies and much more. The aim is to give you an edge over your competitors and better rankings in the search engines including BingYandex, and Baidu.

However, as there is fierce competition in the marketplaces on various sectors, it could take up to 6 months for a newly created website to see the results while websites that have been established for years could see the results between 1-3 months. Therefore, in practice, the results will vary from sector to sector or industry to industry. For someone looking for fast results, we will always advise them to go for a higher SEO package. Higher SEO packages demand a lot from an SEO agency and often SEO experts will work relentlessly day and night on these packages to produce the results and meet the client’s goals and objectives as promised. We have always advised our clients to contact us in a scenario when they are confused as to which cheap SEO package is suitable for their needs.

cheap seo packages ukHow will our cheap SEO package help your website to grow?

The first thing to consider is that our cheap SEO packages services are delivered by digital marketing experts with years of industry experience. However, our clients are usually individuals or business without enough traffic, sales or leads and brand awareness. It could be that you have recently built your website, updated it and the traffic drops or you are simply looking to amplify your current rankings position in the SERPS.

Our cheap SEO packages will help your website to grow in the following ways, increase brand awareness, an increase in traffic, increase in click-through rates and an increase in sales or leads. In real business terms, our low cost SEO package that is suitable to your business goals will help you to save money, make more money, achieve more goals and increase brand awareness. If you were to hire an in-house SEO expert or consultant, you will be looking at a minimum of £30,000 per year in salaries. However, this pay package is for a single consultant where as with us, you will have a minimum of three UK SEO experts working on your website with brain-storming sessions on a daily or weekly basis.