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Cheap SEO services by an SEO company with some of the best minds and consultants in the business.

SEO has evolved significantly and we can help your business to evolve with it.

Technical Audits

Technical SEO audits are an important aspect of SEO improvements. We thrive at technical audits with no stone unturned. We provide technical audits, analysing your website in its entirety to guarantee effective crawlability and indexation of your web pages by search engines

Keywords & Competitor Analysis

A robust keywords research and competitor analysis is as important as technical audits. It helps in developing a sound SEO strategy and makes it easy for us to provide honest projections, taking into account your competitors activities, strategies and tactics. We work with insights and not intuition to deliver the best SEO outcome.

Content Marketing

Content marketing of thought leadership quality has become the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. Our team of marketing experts, content creators, web designers have worked with many businesses helping them to get the word out there through various mediums. We understand the importance of content that resonates with target audiences and we are happy to help.

Insight Reporting & Analysis

Data and insights are the cornerstones of our digital marketing activities. All our SEO and digital marketing strategies are usually backed by data and insights. We love data and analysis. We provide monthly reports on engagement metrics like; conversions, total spend, visibility and engagement channels. We will also keep you informed on what needs changing or updating backed by analytics.

SEO Consultation

Our SEO experts will help develop a bespoke SEO strategy that is relevant to your business, goals and objectives. Perhaps, you have an in-house SEO team, we can support and guide them. Alternatively, we are happy to deliver full SEO services on a permanent basis and help you save some money.

Link Building

Link building remains one of the most important factors of SEO. However, we believe in earned media. We ensure people are talking about your brand not because they know you but because it provides value. Link building now considers PR, content marketing and outreach. We collaborate with our partners to achieve the best links for your website.

Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing should be an integral part of search engine optimization. SEO is about generating targeted traffic and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest cannot be under-estimated. It is important to reach out to your target audiences on social and amplify your brand equity and awareness. We’ll work with you developing a strategy that is for you.

PR Outreach

Over the years, we have developed business relations and built contacts with some of the most influential publicists, bloggers, journalists and online influencers covering various business categories, sectors and industries across developed countries. We have furnished them with information as it happens, content and opinion for further dissemination and amplification. Explode your online reach with this opportunity.

On-Site SEO

With our on-site SEO, we analyse your website’s content, architecture, meta tags, keywords and other SEO elements in accordance with Google’s best practices and advice or implement such findings. However, we can make recommendations for improvements aligned with best practices.

Google Penalty Recovery

Our SEO experts and consultants have a lot of hands-on SEO experiences covering links audits and bad link removals. Links from bad neighbors are not good according to Google’s best practices. If you have been affected by changes in Google algorithms, be it Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird, we will help you to recover irrespective of whether you are personally responsible or not.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is one of the hardest things to achieve in the world of marketing if you are new in developing outreach tactics and techniques. The primary objective of working with influencers is to amplify your content consumption and reach. Even the best content can get lost but our experts can connect your brand with relevant online influencers, to connect and engage your audiences.

Infographics and Video

Infographic ideation, as well as video development, is part of the fabric that has built our brand and customer base supported by robust research, creativity and innovative approach. With a team of talented designers and video experts, our clients have experienced growth using infographics, video and other interactive content to engage and retain target audiences, so should you.

Affordable SEO services for all businesses

Are you looking for SEO services? We are SEO Elites, an SEO company based in Coventry, West Midlands with a team of SEO consultants, digital marketing experts and SEO specialists offering affordable digital marketing and SEO services. We have been implementing SEO best practices for more than a decade. We are very passionate about SEO and the work we do, helping small, medium and large businesses to become visible in Google’s organic first-page search results.

Without a doubt, many SEO companies can do this but the question is will they help your business to stay on that first page. That is where we come in with marketing experts who have perfectionist experiences, strategies and tactics to optimize your website with best practice in mind. We’ll get you on the first page and let you stay there.

Take note that search engine optimization has become “earned media” and no more a science. It is an art of expertise. At SEO Elites, we bring together years of digital marketing experiences, mastery of Google Algorithms, the power of content that resonates and the best of quality authority backlinks to position your organic rankings and maintain them there. Visit and learn more about our SEO packages where you will learn about our SEO services.

How an SEO company operates
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Nurturing your SEO activities to grow

SEO can be complimented when it comes to paid media. However, you cannot buy search engine rankings. You can only earn it and we will help you to earn it. At SEO elites, we live and breathe SEO. We believe in it, we are very passionate about it and we are strategy-driven SEO experts and consultants.

With our SEO services, if we were to dream of your rankings not providing the expected results, we will be screaming habdabs until our SEO specialists and consultants have proven their worth and weight.

We believe that a rich SEO approach should take into account Google algorithm changes and challenges before proceeding to carry out on-page, off-page and technical analysis.

A succinctly carried out SEO analysis paves the way for a proper, professional and specialist-driven search engine optimisation implementation. We are trailblazers and perfectionists in the field of SEO and digital marketing. We’re convinced we can help you blaze your trails and leave a mark on your rankings.

Reasons to Work With Our SEO Experts

Up-to-date knowledge of Google’s search engine algorithms – We are ever one of the first in the industry to learn about algorithm updates. These updates have changed the way SEO in implemented around the world, paving the way to put users first by providing what they want without any backdoor passages. It means providing thought leadership content supported by a robust technical, on-page, UX and off-page delivery. These are a must-have for any SEO strategy and campaign

The SEO ecosystem has become very competitive than ever. Businesses with rocks in their bank accounts instead of stones are spending huge sums to maintain their SEO rankings. We don’t spend such amounts. Knowledge and expertise is more than money. Our SEO consultants and specialists have always accounted for every penny spent.

Spending is usually with link building and developing specialist-driven copy. We keep you well informed on our expenses as we progress with your work. We have extensive media links with leading and authority websites where we always secure and create the magic wand your business needs to dominate in organic search.

Without a responsive website, you will be losing mobile business. Failure to satisfy mobile users puts your website in Google’s black book. Non-responsive websites are now being classed as low quality and will not rank well in Google’s organic search results.

During the execution of our SEO analysis, we keep you informed on our findings and come up with a projected strategy to sort out every error on your website leveraging the opportunity to meet the needs of mobile users

As top UK SEO experts and consultants, we have carried out thousands of SEO focused research and developed bespoke strategies, implemented them and learned from our errors to become the perfectionists everyone in the industry is currently talking about. It has not come in a golden plate. We’ve worked hard for it. However, we have not stopped learning.

Without honesty, trustworthiness and reliability, business relationships will eventually become a sham. These are very important qualities, especially in the SEO landscape. Our success has been built on these qualities.

We have seen SEO consultants guaranteeing clients that they will see excellent SEO results within 30days. No one can guarantee how long it’ll take to improve your organic rankings on Google. Only Google can give you such assurances. So, where is the trustworthiness and honesty?

We have been doing SEO for more than a century and we have always told nothing but the truth to our clients. Gaining a better share in the SERPS can take between 1-12months depending on the industry one is operating in. We never make promises that are simply based on siphoning money out of clients’ pockets.

We have hundreds of clients and all their businesses have witnessed tremendous growth in terms of sales and online traffic. Many of clients have been working with other agencies and eventually broke off and come to us through referrals or simply finding us on the Internet.

Nowadays, everyone on the Internet with a website is a digital marketing consultant. This is where the difference becomes obvious. Separating the chaffs from the real guys. With every member being Google Analytics certified, insights and data are always at the forefront of what we do. Analytics is the gateway to success and we have the keys to this gate. We use this key to open doors for our clients so that they deliver the right message at the right time.

Google search console is an important SEO arsenal for every SEO expert. Our SEO experts use search console to monitor for recommendations and to make improvements that will enhance our clients SEO position and or performance in Google search results. Also, Google search console helps in understanding how Google views our client’s websites and as such we are able to optimize accordingly and improve their search presence with more confidence.

SEO Expertise and Delivery

All SEO projects begin with keyword research and analyses paving the way to identify any discrepancies relating to keywords and eventually prioritising on the relevant keywords.

A quitter never wins and a winner never fails. Failure to identify what your primary competitors are doing could be classed as having quitted the struggle. Knowing what your competition is doing is an opportunity to improve, leverage your offerings and improve your position in the organic search landscape.

Our content SEO specialists duties are to create content that is on par with your websites’ theme, targeted around specific keywords that will bring the results you want and build the authority of your site in the search engine rankings.

Our SEO services start with, keyword research, technical, on-page and off-page analysis. This is where we dive in to perform a complete and thorough analysis, “x-raying” your website for issues hindering your rankings to come up with a proper strategy, tactics and procedures to remedy the results found. By carefully and succinctly carrying out these audits, it means, we can guarantee your website is given the best possible opportunity to shine in Google’s SERPS.

Using our industry experiences, contacts and knowledge of the digital landscape and outreach ecosystem, we drive and amplify various content to create and leave a lasting impact through a combination of well-researched procedures and mediums for link building.

With all the SEO analysis and research having gone through a robust quality check, our SEO consultants will release the findings to you before proceeding with the implementation phase that is backed by industry best practices and expertise. Our SEO specialists constantly question and innovate unlike relying on traditional methodologies.

Finally, our SEO perfectionists are at the apex of their online marketing expertise, crafting and creating impactful websites and optimizing content to resonates with target audiences. We have been doing it for more than 10 years, learned a lot and still doing it. It is an art we dream and breath. This art is very critical to SEO success and our clients love it because their search rankings grow day by day. It is simply because SEO is not a one-time done and dusted art. It is a continues process covering various spectrums such as outreach to continually gain more back links, data and insights to learn more about user behavious, nonstop keyword research for creating value-added content that your target audiences are searching for. The end result has always been worth its weight in gold – ROI.

Contact us now or buy an SEO package that meets your business demands and needs. Also, Please, send an email to sales@seoelites.co.uk once you have made a payment and we will respond within 1 hr. Thank You.

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