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John Mccain the founder of SEO Elites
CEO and founder of SEO Elites ltd.

A man of integrity and direction. Someone who leads by example and understands the needs of customers. A marketer and CEO who does not believe in failure and puts customers first and remuneration last. What a man!

As the Founder and CEO, MCcain is focused on delivering the full potential of digital technology and marketing to customers the world at large. He brings more than a decade of leadership and management, SEO, marketing, web development, creativity and innovation to SEO Elites. Previously, head of marketing for a large corporation in the US, his leadership is backed by experience and academia.

As a college student coming from an average background, John spent his holidays cleaning dishes in restaurants in and around Washington DC. He also worked as a cleaner in hotels in Miami where he studied computer engineering and mathematics during his university education and that was when he decided, the best way forward would have to be; becoming his own boss. Was he right? Well, both can see for themselves.

He is married to Emma Fox , has two kids, plays basketball, tennis, golf and enjoys jetting off to weird places around the world.