• Whitworth Avenue, Coventry, West Midlands, UK
Michael Jakoski is our marketing director
Marketing Director

A marketing gentleman who has taken marketing and SEO to another level. He is always looking for solutions and researching on how to better the services on offer. He has come up with some mad SEO strategies that one would never have dreamt.

Michael is another mathematician, born in Russia but grew up in California. Attended the same University with the John where they meet up and eventually became friends. With an MSc in Mathematics, his dreams were to find a relevant job. After graduation, they lost contact and coincidently meet up at a party after 5 years of no communication. By this time, John was already doing work for companies in the Silicon valley. The relationship was rekindled for better this time around. He would join John and since then, the relationship is that which says; “until death do us part”. He has since returned to formal education at London School of Economics where he graduated with a Masters in Marketing

He is married with two lovely blossoming girls. His wife Hannah is a RN. In his free time, he enjoys scrabble, puzzles, football and goes to the cinema with his kids. His heroes include “The Rock” (get the smell of what the rock is cooking – WWE), Lady gaga, Phil Collins and many others. His favorite TV shows include; East Enders, Coronation street, Top gear and the Chase.