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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

This page gives you the terms and conditions under which you use SEO Elites. We advise that you read this page, comprehend it before continuing to use the site. Failure to read this page is at your own detriment because by using it, you are considered as having agreed to these terms. If you do not agree, then, our services are not for you and we’d advise you stop using the site.

About SEO Elites is a part of “Bremain Media’s” marketing arsenal. A Limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 9803383634 with registered offices in Coventry, CV3 1EQ, England

Intellectual property rights

We are sole proprietors of all the content published and or created and hosted on this website. All the content published is protected under the intellectual property rights and copyright laws around the world

You may print, copy and or photograph the content for referencing. However, reproducing and or modifying such materials is highly prohibited without exemptions. By materials, we are referring to text, images, audio, video and illustrations. Neither shall be modified or reproduced in any format irrespective of the situation and or condition.

Accessing our website

Our website is available to you and for your use on a temporal basis which means we can modify, go offline at any time as our business demands without any recourse to you. Amending the content on this site is at our sole discretion without any liability to you whatsoever at any time of the year.

Changes to our site

From time to time we may edit and or change the content on our website as the need arise. During these periods our website may be done. We may also suspend the site indefinitely without any liability to you whatever the relationship or situation without any liability to you.

Professional indemnity

All content provided on this website is without warranty or guarantee to its state of being correct or wrong.

Our staff and associates cannot be held responsible for losses or any type, kind or nature you may incur from using our site. However, we do have in place an indemnity cover for the services we provide and details are freely available to our clients on demand. You cannot hold us liable or responsible for the following;

However, this statements does not limit our liability to you in the case of death, personal injury, loss of earning and or negligence arising from our part. The jurisdiction applicable in these cases can only be determined by a court of law based in the Coventry, UK.

Linking to SEO Elites

You may link to our website in a manner that is fair, professional and does not damage our reputation in anyway whatsoever. However, link to our website most be deemed as a means of association, partnership and or approval or endorsement from us based on what you do or want to do. To link to our website, you need to do so only on a website that you personally own. However, we reserve the right to ask you delink from our website at any time without having to give any reasons. Upon our request, you must remove the link ASAP else we might be forced to take legal action.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

The UK courts in England, specifically where our business is registered will have jurisdiction in the case of any claim against our services or arising as part of. We also reserve the right to take court action against you and or your business for breach of contract in a region where you or your business is located.


SEO Elites is a trademark of “Bremain Media Ltd”

If there is anything you are clear with regarding these terms and conditions, contact us at

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