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It’s corporate, Commercial, Entertainment Video Production You Need.

Video production has never been that essential. Moving pictures have been used to attract attention ever since the invention of the fantascope in 1832, but it was the development of videotape more than a hundred years later that led to the eventual importance of video as a corporate and marketing communications medium. Since then it has gone from strength to strength in tandem with continually changing technology. Video has become a very important part of SEO services especially with companies that offer SEO packages.

Already considered to be the superior digital medium for engaging an audience, video marketing is poised to become the preferred means of communication online, projected to make up 80% of worldwide internet traffic by 2019, with four times as many consumers preferring a video format over the written word to obtain information on the internet. (Cisco Systems, Inc.’s Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology 2014–2019).

Video Communicates. It Promotes. It Trains and Teaches.

Video showcases your product, promotes your organisation and trains your employees. It’s a communications tool that has been successfully reaching and engaging target audiences at meetings, conventions, exhibitions and even at retail level for several decades now. Small wonder that for discerning marketers, it has become star of stage, screen and internet…

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Corporate Video Production

You are assured of expertise throughout the process of video production from initial development through to the delivery of your message to your audience. Whatever your product or service, a video promoting your corporation, brand image, product and service introductions or any other purpose you have in mind, will be crafted to meet your objectives. You can also rely on us to develop video elements of educational and training programs.

Commercial Video Production

Are you looking at production of a television advertisement? Working with your advertising agency, design company or directly with you, we can develop/produce consumer advertising for television, cinema, LED displays, in-store screens and internet.

Entertainment Video Production

If you are in the television, film, gaming or music industry, we are available to provide you with skilled video production and post-production as well as for overall creative input at the development stage for music videos, film trailers, documentary films, visuals for concerts and other event and exhibition venues.

We Create. We Shoot. We Edit, Sync and Colour Correct

Video production takes a team of producers, writers, directors, cinematographers and post-productions experts. Regardless of the extent of your project and its budget, our skilled professionals can undertake the video production process from concept to delivery:

  • Creative Direction
  • Writing
  • Pre-production
  • Casting
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Sound/Animation/Voice Over/Graphics
  • Conversion to required media

Television Advert. Corporate Video. Web Video, Billboard or Social Media Video.

We work across many categories and channels, and our reel features award-winning projects we have handled for regional, national and international clients. We will be happy to help launch your new product, build your brand, share your story.

And video is cost effective…

It used to be that video production was deemed “too expensive” and the idea quickly disregarded. Today, technology – in terms of both video production itself and in the media used to deliver your video to a large audience – has arguably changed such misconceptions.

Two indelible facts: 1) digital video is possibly the most enterprising and innovative, cost-effective means to delivering your message, and 2) it’s – no contest – the sure-fire way for you to engage your audience.

If video production is something you’re considering whether for conventional or online delivery, give us a ring at (telephone number) when you’re ready to talk it over.

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