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SEO Elites was created to cater to the needs of small to large business, specializing in digital marketing areas such as; SEO, Link building, SEM, strategy, video development, social media, account management, training, consultancy and web development. We have since grown to become a leading digital marketing company with hundreds of permanent clients. We are the SEO company for the 21st century, unleashing creativity and successful campaigns without boundaries.

Our clients range from a one-man business to large corporations, the world at large. We have been creating brands and providing Internet marketing services that deliver superior, qualified and measurable results since 2004. Our online marketing services are bundled and suitable for any type of business in any industry, and powered by a blend of data-driven insights and performance measurements.

We know that data, user journeys and behaviours are all interconnected. Our experience with both human resource development as well digital marketing allows us to provide honest advice on how best achieve goals based off of your company’s needs while maximizing resources for you!

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Humble beginnings

We started SEO in 2006 initially as students of the SEOBOOK. This is how our founders got to meet each other. Back then; SEO was not as advanced and complex as it appears today. However, they delivered real-time results to clients in the UK, USA and the world at large prioritizing clients from leisure, travel, adult, retail, finance, music, IT and marketing and advertising industries respectively.

Back then SEO was not a thought-leadership industry as it is at the moment and what helped stand out was the creativity with linkage that we had in place. Our fee structure was the second aspect though SEO was more expensive because only fewer consultants had mastery of the subject. The third factor was the amount of traffic we received from the search engines on our website between 30k-50k day. Since then, we’ve never looked back.


50 Permanent Contracts

This was a dream come true. We had 50 companies from around the world in our books. This was the start of a new dawn.

7 Man Team

In 2020, we just could not handle the number of clients who came to us for help and that was when engaged in selection and recruitment of more staff. We’d identify the need for web design and we hired 2 website designers who are still with us today. As brands continued asking for more, we then decided to take a holistic approach and broaden our approach on demand basis but maintained our offerings as primary SEO focused.

From a 3 man business, we eventually took on more staff, trained some of them in-house and others attended formal education through SEMPO while others graduated with Masters and MSc from various universities in the UK and USA.

Organic search is the most powerful and important channel that exists till this material moment. It is not going to change anytime sooner apart from continually evolving because it is demand driven. With the expertise amongst us, we have helped leverage and amplify our clients SEO and grown their businesses like a fig tree. This is due to high level of investment on our staff on continues education and learning process.


Demand Grows 700%

Till today, we have continually pushed boundaries, open doors covered in flames, delivering results, building empires for our clients. One great thing about us that; as SEO elites with a heritage in search engine optimization, results and trustworthiness is at the heart of everything we do. Our clients are part of the family and treat them the same as we would treat our wives, brothers, sisters and husbands.


Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Stanley Mathew M

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Stanley has been a digital marketing consultant for years, and over this time, he’s helped the company grow from strength to SEO-Paid-media powerhouse. He leads the team on all projects and everything digital – ranging from developing marketing strategies with …

digital marketing expert - James Manley

James Manley

SEO and Digital Director

James is a creative innovator who sees and defines the bigger picture before a project is realized. He has mastery of SEO and digital outreach with a robust project management background. A calm but collective manager who believes in research and industry benchmarks.

John Mccain the founder of SEO Elites

John Mccain

CEO and founder of SEO Elites ltd.

A man of integrity and direction. Someone who leads by example and understands the needs of customers. A marketer and CEO who does not believe in failure and puts customers first and remuneration last. What a man!

Michael Jakoski is our marketing director

Michael Jakoski

Marketing Director

A marketing gentleman who has taken marketing and SEO to another level. He is always looking for solutions and researching on how to better the services on offer. He has come up with some mad SEO strategies that one would never have dreamt.

Emma Johnson is the woman our SEO strategy

Emma Johnson

Strategy & SEO Director

This is the queen of SEO. Emma has worked with various companies in the USA and UK in very senior SEO positions. She has lead teams of hundreds and more and she is our SEO princess. She is the main brains conquering the SEO world for us.